Parent Info


For parents who have or are considering registering their children:


In reviewing all the recommended best practices from the Center for Disease Control, the State's Department of Health, as well as the American Camp Association, I am happy to report that many of the practices that are encouraged have been part of my routines since the inception of the camp.

The key benefits to my camp is that it:

1) is outdoors

2) has maintained group sizes between 5 and 7 children for past several years; this limit of 7 campers total (with myself and my assistant counselor leading them) will be maintained

3) involves kids bringing their own water bottle, lunch (and often snack)

4) does not require sharing of lots of equipment

5) relies mainly on the physical environment as our ‘playground’ — meaning that we don’t need to use the physical playground to have fun!

Lucy’s Outdoor Dance Camp - Camper Safety Regulations, Summer 2020


  • Cleanliness tactics

    • kids will bring their own hand sanitizer to keep on hand

    • any shared equipment will be sanitized before and after use

    • snacks will be distributed in pre-packaged portions (or parents can choose to send their own). Kids will bring an extra water bottle/juice box to account for no water fountains.

  • Social distancing

    • most dance activities and obstacle courses already involve us being spaced out from each other

  • Fun without swimming 

    • we will explore fun with water options such as filling up water balloons or other safe water games 

    • each kid will have their own towel to use as a picnic blanket for lunch/snack and to use to dry themselves from any water games 

  • Costumes

    • freshly washed costume materials will be available on our performance day (Friday) / or campers can provide their own costume materials

  • Parent-centered

    • all of my guidelines are open to becoming more strict or specific based on parent-feedback. I am seeking an open dialogue with parents to assure that you all feel that your children are safe


For links to guidelines provided by various state and national sources, please refer to these:

General Camp Info / Plans

  • In the case of rain, or too high of a heat index, parents are alerted of an indoor location (either a library or museum) the morning of.  

  • Drop-off and pick-up locations are emailed to parents the week before the camp.  Every Friday, we have an end-of-week performance at 12:00pm (location TBD) which parents and friends are invited to.

  • Please send children wearing sunscreen and with shoes that will stay on firmly when running (no flip flops, please).  Full-day campers will need a packed lunch; 2 snacks are given mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Other items to bring: small water bottle (which we can refill), small sunscreen for reapplying, swimsuit (optional, for water games).  A small backpack is great for campers to transport things.

  • Detailed daily activities will be shared every evening with parents; and a couple of photos shared during the day via text.

Thanks for helping make the camp possible!